Kinks and Fetishes: 10 Types of Kinks You Can Try in Bed with Your Partner

Kinks and Fetishes: 10 Types of Kinks You Can Try in Bed with Your Partner

Kinks and fetishes are getting increasingly popular, yet they still have a taboo. Kinks and fetishes may be scary to the inexperienced, so the first step is to discover what is kinks and what is a fetish.

The term "kink" refers to a kind of sexual behavior that is considered "unacceptable" by most people in current society. For example, you may use whips or bondage to play a part. A fetish is an attraction to an inanimate item. However, this includes bodily parts, such as the feet, considered fetish (like a foot fetish). There are many types of fetishes.

Permission, communication, and collaboration are at the heart of kink, no matter your sexual preferences. Before attempting any new sex act, all parties involved must enthusiastically and continuously consent. It's OK if your kinks don't match your partner's. It's essential to be open and honest with yourself about what you're willing to tolerate and what you're not, especially when you explore.

Check out this list of kinks to get a better sense of the world of kink. Maybe one or more of these may interest you?

1. Age Play

In age play, one or both parties pretend to be of a different age than they are. If you've ever referred to a partner as "baby" in bed, you've probably already had an encounter that may be considered ultra-lite age play. The "daddy-dominant-baby girl" combination is another typical example. Calling someone "daddy" while lying in bed is a kind of light age play. It's a more extreme and less usual version of age play, in which a person wears a diaper and pretends to be a baby. It's OK to refer to someone as a "baby" or to dress in baby clothes, provided everyone involved is on board with it.

2. Bondage

Restraint in the form of bondage is common. The BDSM acronym stands for "bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism," It refers to a set of sexual fantasies that many people share. It's not uncommon for individuals to love being tied up, while others prefer tying their partner up. A "switch" is a person who loves both the dominating and submissive roles. You may use a scarf, a tie, or a T-shirt to confine your partner's wrists while having sex, or you can utilize kinky sex toys like handcuffs or rope. If your bed frame isn't kink-compatible, you may start by simply tying the arms together if you want to tie someone up to the bed frame using a tie or scarf. You may purchase shackle mounts and suspension bars to increase the difficulty.


Heterosexual cuckolding is when a couple decides to both explore and humiliate the male partner about his female partner's sleeping with another man. "The male partner does not have to be present. His lover is having sexual relations with someone else is enough to make him happy. Cuckolding may also evoke feelings of voyeurism in certain people. Everyone may enjoy cuckolding types; it isn't only for heterosexual couples to indulge in this fetish. The concept of your partner sleeping with other people but not necessarily wanting to go through the emotional and risky process of having sex with another person may be explored via dirty conversation or virtual sex with a third party.

4.Foot Fetishism

Especially for heterosexual men, foot fetishes are among the most prevalent fetishes. A person with a foot fetish is fascinated with feet and might get pleasure from anything foot-related. As if their partner's feet were sacred items, they want to worship them by kissing, stroking, and rubbing them. So, even if you don't have a foot fetish, dating someone who does maybe a lot of fun since you can look forward to a lot of foot massages. Foot fetishes, like any kinks, have a wide range of adherents. Foot fetishes may also include a lot of humiliation: the fetishist may want their partner to walk all over them and point out how dirty their feet are and how miserable they like something like this. Additionally, pedicures and smelling shoes and socks are common pleasures for those who have a foot fetish.

5.Impact Play

The term "impact play" refers to a style of play in which players hit each other with everything from their hands to paddles to whips to spatulas. Impact play is when you slap your spouse during a sexual act to have fun. Impact play requires two things above all else: consent and open communication. If you're giving the hit, stick to fatty places, such as the side of the butt or thighs, and avoid locations with vital organs, such as the lower back or rib cage. The best way to learn a new fetish is to start small and gradually increase the time and effort you put into it. Impact play may be performed on its own, but it also works well with other kinks, such as name-calling and age-play. Spanking with your hands and a good old-fashioned spanking is a fantastic place to start for those new to the concept. Your safeword should be used promptly if anything is making you feel uneasy.

6. Objectum Sexuality

Objectum sexuality refers to sexual interaction between an inanimate item and a person. It is common for the media to characterize objectum sexuals as freaks and weirdos in love with objects like the Eiffel Tower, a yacht, or their sofa. There are many problems with this approach to objectum sexuality. A fetish is, by definition, an obsession with an inanimate thing. In other words, if you've ever dreamt about your vibrator, you've entered the realm of fetish. In reality, with the fast advancement of sex doll technology, we may all be involved in objectum sexuality. Because kink-shaming is a pain, we need to understand and sympathize with folks who have emotions for "out-there" things.

7. Urophilia

Watersports, golden showers or pee play all fall under the umbrella term "urophilia." Those who have this fetish find urinating attractive. There are various ways to enjoy pee play, but the most typical is to deliver or receive a golden shower from someone else. That unconfirmed dossier alleging that former president Trump had indulged in the act of a "golden shower" refers to the practice of letting someone shower you with their pee. Start in the shower if you want to give it a go.

8. Whip

Whip is a generic name for any impact play equipment, but it refers to a thinner object with a more "stingy" feel. With its snake-like appearance and cracking sound, it is the most sophisticated whip. Only experienced dominatrices should employ single-tails, which may cut the skin and wrap around the body, causing damage to vital organs. Even some professional dominatrices use them for intimidation rather than to physically harm their subordinates. If you've never used a whip before, a beginner-friendly model is an excellent place to start.

9. Quirofilia

This kind of fetish for hands is known as quirofilia, and it may present itself in several ways, including an attraction to the fingers, a fantastic manicure, or just some hot hands. It's hard to resist the allure of a good pair of hands. The underrated hand job, fingering, and back massages are just a few of the many beautiful things you can do with them. Although quirofilia may benefit from hand exercises such as fist-fighting or finger-flicking, some hand fetishists may find enjoyment in watching hands do routine duties like grocery shopping or housework. For all its sexual connotations, fetishism often involves engaging in activities or objects that aren't always suggestive of sex. Even though dishwashing is a mundane task for most people, it's a wet fantasyland for hand fetishists.

10. Humiliation

BDSM actions aren't always physical. Forceful words may be as powerful or more intense than physically damaging feelings like impact play. Among the most prevalent forms of humiliation are insults and other forms of abusive language. The idea that humiliation plays are antifeminist is a prevalent misunderstanding. Many feminists, on the other hand, like to be referred to as "bitch," "slut," or "whore" in bed. Your principles are independent of your kinks.  Addressing what turns you on and then indulging in it may be a solid approach to reclaiming control of one's sexuality in a patriarchal society where women have long been taught it is not for pleasure. Make sure to talk about humiliation upfront and maintain it mutually agreed upon. For instance, if you don't want to be referred to as a "bitch" by your partner, be clear about your limits. 

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