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The Hel Milano Hobble Belt is a fashionable, designer Italian leather belt with a kinky secret. A stylish belt that you can wear every day, but at a moments notice it can be transformed into one of more than a dozen different BDSM restraints.

Today I want to share with you four new Hobble Belt tutorial videos concentrating on using your Hel Milano Hobble Belt to restrain your partners wrists and ankles at the same time.

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The Hel Milano Hobble Belt may just be the most practical, versatile and useful BDSM accessory you will ever own. A stylish, fashionable Italian Leather belt that can also be used in more than a dozen different ways as a BDSM restraint and impact toy.

You can wear your HEL Milano Hobble anywhere that you would wear a regular belt. I’ve worn mine almost every day for the last few years and I have traveled the world with it. Whether you are attending a BDSM event or out socializing in the vanilla world, your Hobble Belt can always be right there with you, incognito, hiding in plain sight, ready to be transformed into a practical bondage tool at a moment's notice.
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To find your belt length, measure your current belt from the hole that you typically wear it on to the point on the buckle where that hole sits when the belt is closed, then round this measurement up to the nearest even number of inches.

So for example if your belt measurement is 36” or 35” you would order a 36” belt.

But there’s a lot more to it than that, read on to make sure that you order the right belt length for a perfect fit…
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