What is A Praise Kink? 6 Turn-On Phrases

What is A Praise Kink? 6 Turn-On Phrases

Recently, praise kinks have appeared everywhere on social media. According to Google Trends, searches for the keyword have exploded since April 2021. Given the year we've all had, it's maybe not shocking that people are seeking a little praise and encouragement.

Let's discuss what a praise kink is, how to tell if you have one, and how to use it in your sex life if it appeals to you.

What is a praise kink?

The tendency to experience sensual pleasure or excitement while providing or receiving praise from a partner is known as a praise kink. A person with a praise fetish 'gets off by giving or receiving compliments, praise, and attention.

A kink, in general, is anything that attracts a person, especially activities or sexual practices that are seen as nonnormative. Given the prevalence of "praise as a mechanism for pleasure," praise kinks are rather frequent. It would be simplistic to claim that everyone either has or does not have a praising kink since kinks are not binary but exist on a spectrum.

Why people have praise kinks?

Several theories explain why someone could possess or acquire a praise kink. For instance, some people may have the personality type that craves affirmation, which naturally translates to eroticizing it during sexual encounters. Others, however, may have a praise kink due to poor sexual self-esteem and an increased arousal response to compliments on their attractiveness or skill.

Our sexual pasts may also influence the emergence of a praising kink.

Maybe you saw a love scene between a man and a woman in a movie when you were a child. The lady was screaming about how fantastic he was making her feel, how huge he was, and how attractive she found him. If seeing the movie was one of your earliest sexual encounters, you could have developed an early impression that a significant portion of intercourse consisted of women complimenting males. As a result, you started to associate the two and got a praise kink.

You may have a praise kink if you identify these signs:

1. You are always looking for compliments

You can't get enough of your partner complimenting you on how good, powerful, and (insert any other positive quality here, really) you look. You like compliments, and you often pay attention to this aspect of a relationship.

2. You enjoy sex more when your partner speaks

Hearing your partner compliment your body or your head-giving abilities during sex may elevate the experience from excellent to outstanding. Long-lasting, excessive quantities of wanted praise may be obvious signs of a praise kink.

3. Receiving praise might push you to the edge of orgasm

The praises you get when having sex with your partner might sometimes determine whether or when you come.

4. The porn you watch has a lot of vocal praises

You may not view porn with the volume down! Your favorite moments have the actors telling each other in great detail and frequency how much they like and satisfy one another.

5. You dream about compliments when masturbating

The things that get you going in your head when you're by yourself with your hand or vibrator are memories of the times your partner called you a good girl or a perfect princess (or any other affirmation) or scenarios in which you're showered with praise.

6. You often want your partner's confirmation

You often need or want your partner to reassure you that you are attractive, sexy, or wonderful when you are in bed together. You want a pleasant feeling.

Praise kink phrases

Generally speaking, compliments may center on how amazing someone is in bed, how well-endowed they are (though don't mention if they have a little penis—patronizing is a different issue), and how fantastic they make you feel. You may express your admiration for someone by complimenting their appearance, telling them how beautiful they are, and expressing your affection for them. Some of those may not be warmly received on a first date, so make adjustments.

Here are some suggestions for phrases you may use in a sexual interaction to turn on a person with a praising kink:

  • You're such an amazing girl, guy, little slut, etc.
  • You're doing so good.
  • I like the way you move against my body.
  • The sounds you make are so fucking hot.
  • Keep going.
  • I'm proud of you.
  • You're fantastic.
  • I love your body.
  • Just like that.
  • I love the way you do that.
  • That's my girl.
  • You know how to satisy me.
  • You know me so well.
  • You're so strong.

Guideline for exploring the kink:

1. Communicate

Make sure to express your praising kink if you believe you have one. Most people want to be excellent lovers in bed; this is impossible without their partner providing them with useful knowledge. Just so you know, I want to hear X while having sex, so try asking something like, "How do you feel about telling me X during sex?" or "How do you feel about it?"

2. Be open

You may check whether you can indulge your partner's praise kink if they tell it to you. Of course, you shouldn't push your bounds if the concept makes you uncomfortable. Lean toward "freedom, creativity, vulnerability, and openness" otherwise. After giving it a try, you can always decide if you want to continue.

3. Do self-reflection

If you have a kink for praise, do some introspection to pinpoint the exact phrase you want to hear. Do you like being referred to as a nice girl, for instance? Do you like when others compliment your body? Are you into folks telling you how turned on they are? She proposes that you attempt to find this out by masturbating, viewing praise-centered porn, talking to yourself, imagining those words or phrases being uttered to you, and seeing what words or phrases excite you.

4. Use your experiences

Try looking back on previous hookups or reading through old sexts to find words or phrases that immediately appeal to you if you believe you may have a praise kink but are unclear of what precisely it is that makes you go. Then, you may ask your partner to include them.


Remember that the experience should be enjoyable and satisfying for everyone involved, whether you're a self-described slut for praises or just putting your toes into the praise-kink seas. Make sure you are both on the same page by asking your partner how comfortable they are. Now go out and win admirers!