What is The Most Common Fetish? 8 Common Fetishes Explained

What is The Most Common Fetish? 8 Common Fetishes Explained

Every gender identity and sexual orientation has the potential to be kinky, and what you would consider kinky may not be to someone else.

Each of us has unique fetishes and desires, some more unusual than others. But it's crucial to appreciate our individuality, particularly when unlocking crazy new doors.

Every gender identity and sexual orientation has the potential to be kinky, and what you would consider kinky may not be to someone else. Everything about you shines through! Everything is OK as long as it is done safely and with consent.

In contrast to kinks, which may enhance a sexual experience but are not always necessary to attain sexual release, a fetish is strongly associated with having a psychological need for certain items or actions to feel pleasure and orgasm.

Although few studies have examined how often people indulge in sexual kinks, many people dream about them, which has led to a collection of some of the most popular sex fetishes (in no particular order) being discussed. Even yours might be included on the list!


Standing for restraints, disciplines, and sadomasochism, Many individuals already use BDSM components in the bedroom, like spanking (impact play) or power dynamics. The stigma attached to BDSM has significantly decreased with the release of 50 Shades of Grey, and bondage has justifiably taken center stage in everyone's dirty thoughts. Research reveals that individuals who dabbled in BDSM reported higher levels of sexual pleasure, but how widespread is it? In one survey, over half of the individuals acknowledged using BDSM sometimes. Imagine how many more are dreaming about it if those many individuals have tried it.

You need a healthy dose of honesty and communication to practice BDSM. Therefore it need not be frightening. Be careful to practice in a safe environment if you want to explore dominance and submission or sex activities that are almost masochistic. You don't have to jump in; you may ease into BDSM by exploring some sexy concepts or kinky bedroom activities.

2. Feet

There are no universal criteria for what people are into, as there are all sexual appetites. You could have a full-fledged foot fetish, or you might be interested. According to Psychology Today, 14% of participants said they had previously engaged in sexual fantasies in which their feet or toes were prominent. One of the most popular fetishes is called podophilia; feet are regularly objectified from foot pictures to porn. Similar to shoes, not all individuals have the same preferences regarding smooth skin, pedicured toes, high arches, and certain nail shapes and sizes.

As gaining sexual fulfillment may take many different forms—from foot treatments like massage or adoring the feet to including feet in foot foreplay—so too can people's approaches to engaging in kink.

3. Roleplay

Even while it might be a fetish or kink in and of itself, role-playing is wonderful for acting out other kinks with partners. For instance, you could like the notion of meeting a strange person once and never seeing them again, but your partner might disagree. Instead, why not act out a scenario with them where your partner plays the mysterious stranger who knocks on your door and drags you away for a wild night of passion?

4. Watersports

These water sports are more like sexual activity that involves pee than wakeboarding and surfing. Because it is seen as nasty, filthy, and forbidden, many individuals find urine play seductive. Even though they may appear crazy, golden showers are a highly popular fantasy for many people and are very normal in the larger scheme of things. In one research, 23% of respondents admitted to seeing urophilia porn. The fact that it is so common in mainstream porn shows a big demand for it!

People participate in water sports for several reasons; for some, it's the warm, wet sensation, while for others, it's the humiliating experience. Whatever your motivation, many different watersports include having fun while peeing. Some individuals like to urinate, others want to watch, and others want to participate. Even websites exist where sex prostitutes urinate on themselves for your amusement. Whatever game you decide to play, remember that you are not the only one that enjoys water sports.

5. Group Sex

Given how often polyamory, group sex, and sex parties are portrayed in the media, group sex's inclusion on this list is probably not all that unexpected. Although group sex is not only for threesomes, if you've ever used dating apps, you've seen couples seeking a "unicorn" (someone to have a threesome with). It may be an orgy, a gathering of individuals who engage in sexual activities regardless of gender.

According to a poll, up to 89% of participants dreamt about group sex or threesomes. These individuals may not all be engaged in some manner, but there are several excellent methods to try group sex with a partner or yourself. You may try participating in role-playing, chatting lewd, viewing group sex porn, or even going to sex parties. Make sure everyone is on board with exploring this sex obsession and knows the ground rules.

6. Voyeurism

Voyeurism is one of the most prevalent sexual desires, according to the Journal of Sex and Research. Watching someone else become hot and heavy is known as voyeurism, which may be quite attractive and not at all scary. Voyeurism must be practiced consensually, like with all other activities, and it is never acceptable to observe someone without their consent.

Try going to a sex party where individuals willingly allow everyone to see them if you want to find people to watch!

Voyeurism may be practiced in various ways, and doing so with your partner might be a fun way to spice up your sex life from milder forms of voyeurism, like seeing your partner masturbate or in the shower, to more extreme forms, such as inviting a third person into the bedroom.

7. Exhibition

Having sex outside the bedroom is a popular fetish for many people; according to one survey, 82% of respondents dreamt about having sex in unusual locations. This can include relocating from the bedroom to the living room for some men and women. Others define it as having sex in a public place like a parking lot or a restaurant restroom.

You can't have sex with your lover while being completely exposed without running the danger of being jailed. However, you shouldn't have any issues becoming flirty, particularly if you stay completely dressed. The thought of engaging in sexual activity in private with the high-risk factor of being discovered may be part of the excitement in the "sex in public" dream. What about a lengthy, passionate kiss or a cheeky butt grab instead of sexual activity? There are many regulations governing this in various states, countries, and areas, so be sure you abide by them, so you don't breach the law where you are.

8. Latex

A latex fetish is often indulged in one of two ways: either by wearing latex yourself and enjoying the sensation of being bound by it or by being excited by seeing others wearing it. Instead of being mutually exclusive, they often overlap.

Latex is similar to skin in that it has a smooth feel, is elastic, looks good, and fits like a second skin. One explanation for why people find it so appealing is that it sensually caresses the body while leaving nothing to the imagination.


Keep an open mind and engage in your sex preferences; you are not the only one with these sex fetishes.