Flame Hel

Co-founder, Brand Ambassador, Design Consultant

Flame Hel is a shibari artist & fetish evangelist. His fetish photography and paintings evoke a sense of passion and dark sexual energy that flows within, providing a window into a world where people dare to be their hidden selves. Flame runs the HEL dungeon and shibari studio in Riga, Latvia, where he organises a variety of fetish events including the Riga Fetish Weekend. Heavily involved in the fetish community, Flame is a highly experienced Dominant and Master who lives the lifestyle 24/7 and has been involved in BDSM for about 30 years.

Having traveled extensively, Flame has had the opportunity to study fetish fashion around the world, and brings that extensive experience to the designs and concepts of HEL Milano. Flame has studied at the London College of Fashion, and has experience working directly with fashion manufacturers and suppliers throughout Europe.