The HEL Milano Story

HEL Milano was born from the collaboration of fetish evangelist Flame Hel and fashion designer Anna Kalnina. While both always had a deep interest in fashion, it was not until they came together to create the HEL Milano brand that their passion for creating luxury fetish inspired fashion was fully realised.

Flame Hel is a shibari artist and BDSM Master with over 30 years of experience. He is also a fetish photographer and runs the HEL dungeon in Riga, Latvia. His deep experience in the world of kink and fetish means that HEL Milano products are designed to be practical as well as stylish and elegant. Flame has studied at London College of Fashion and is an entrepreneur with a background in project management.

Anna Kalnina studied fashion design at London College of Fashion and Parsons School of Design. She has worked for a number of different fashion brands, designing collections of shoes, bags, lingerie and leather accessories. Anna began to explore the world of kink and fetish after attending an event at the HEL dungeon. It was Anna's love for the city, fashion, and lifestyle of Milan that inspired the name of the HEL Milano brand.

While Flame Hel is the namesake and face of the HEL Milano brand, Anna Kalnina is the lead designer, creative director, and manager. Along with a small dedicated team of artisans, they design, test, and hand make all HEL Milano products in their own workshop.

During their journey of creating the HEL Milano brand, Flame and Anna have both traveled extensively, visiting factories, fashion and fetish events across Europe, the USA and Japan. It was during these travels, on one of her many visits to Milan, amongst the hustle and bustle of the Piazza del Duomo, that Anna first came up with the idea of creating a Milan based boutique fashion brand, with designs inspired by the dark and sexy world of kink and fetish.

While working and studying together, Flame and Anna have collaborated on the design and creation of various shoes, bags, lingerie, and leather accessories. Towards the end of 2019 they decided to focus all of their creative energy on producing hand made designer leather accessories for the HEL Milano brand, and by the middle of 2020 their first collection was ready for production.

While their journey towards a luxury fetish fashion brand has not always been smooth, Flame and Anna have learned a lot along the way, and from that knowledge and experience they have grown the concepts and techniques that have brought the HEL Milano brand to life.

Hel Milano products are handmade in Europe using a combination of modern computer based technology and traditional leatherwork techniques. These designer fashion accessories are primarily made using luxurious vegetable tanned Italian calf leather, which not only looks and feels great, but is also manufactured using the most environmentally friendly and sustainable tanning process available.

To guarantee the highest precision in HEL Milano leather accessories, a computer controlled laser cutter is used, while the assemble and finish of the products is done by hand for that personal handmade touch. Our beautifully soft handcrafted leather accessories also feature elegantly smooth hand painted edges. High quality nickel plated hardware is used throughout the entire HEL Milano product range.

The future plans for HEL Milano include expanding the existing range of designer leather accessories, and the addition of an exclusive high-end luxury range. Flame and Anna also plan to eventually add designer bags, elegant lingerie, and luxury shoes to their burgeoning fashion empire.