Care instructions


All of HEL Milano products are made from high quality vegetable tanned calf leather from Italy. We source the leather from a family owned tannery in Tuscany who has over 50 years of experience in producing vegetable tanned leather.

This is the most environmentally friendly method of leather production, as vegetable tannins are used in the tanning process instead of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Vegetable tanned leathers express the art, knowledge, skill and experience of the most skilled craftsmen. The traditional techniques used in the tanning process have been passed on from generation to generation. 

Why choose vegetable tanned leather instead of chrome tanned leather:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable and strong (can be stiff at first, but softness increases with time)
  • Has a distinctive sweet leather aroma
  • Develops a rich patina with use

Due to the artisanal nature of the vegetable tanning process this leather is more expensive than chrome tanned leather and is usually used in luxury leather products.


To keep your leather products looking their best and last for years, please follow our leather care guide:

  • Don't expose to high heat (sunlight, blow dryer), as it can fade and crinkle the leather
  • Store in a dark and dry place
  • Don't get it wet, if you do wipe with dry and soft cotton cloth to avoid marks
  • To remove dust or dirt also use dry and soft cotton cloth
  • If scratches or marks appear, you can use a leather conditioner to smoothen out the leather (ONLY specifically made for vegetable tanned products)
  • NEVER use harsh cleaners on your leather, such as acids, acetone, alcohol etc
  • Since our products also have metal parts, don't store them too close together to avoid scratching 

With proper care your vegetable tanned products will be an investment that will last for many years to come.