How our products are made

We at HEL Milano love leather and we are continuously inspired by the endless possibilities that this wonderful material can offer. When crafting our leather products we put a lot of love and care into each piece, paying attention to the smallest details and making sure that the quality is up to our standards. 

The production process of our leather accessories is a mix of technology and meticulous hand craftsmanship.

It all starts with the design process. Our designer puts all her creative ideas and sketches onto paper, after that we transfer them to the computer where designs are made into technical drawings, measured and scaled for sizing.

This is where technology comes in. When the technical drawing for the product is ready, we send it to our laser for cutting. We use laser cutter for production as it offers a high precision and different possibilities with shapes and engraving.

When the pieces are ready and cut we carefully clean them and now the most intricate process of our leather production starts. 

Each piece of leather is beveled, meaning we take off excess leather from the edges, making it nice and round. After that the edges need to be burnished on a special wooden burnishing wheel, this seals off and polishes rough, raw edges making them smooth.

For some products this would be the final step in the production process, for example our hobble belts have burnished edges.

But for our other accessories we continue the process with painting the edges. This is probably the most time consuming and delicate work of all as the edges need to be painted several times to get the perfect result. It takes a lot of patience and steady hands for our leather craftsman.

When the paint is dry we once again clean the products and they are ready!

We quality check each product for faults to ensure they are perfect.

Then we carefully pack them in tissue paper to avoid scratches, pack them in a box and they are ready to go!

We hope this gives you a better insight into our world of leather and shows you how much work and love goes into each and every product.